Soul Rot CD

by Disfigurement

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    Metal-Archives review:

    It's never a bad thing when I've listened through the first 3-5 minutes of a new death metal record and can't immediately lump it into one of the prevalent trends of either tech-brutality, cavern-core or Swedophilia. Atlanta's Disfigurement certainly cultivate some pretty popular old school influences from the 90s, but with their EP Soul Rot, they have the luxury of instantly seeming fresher than the majority of what's being churned out of the nostalgia factory 24/7. Nothing but pure death studied from the lexicon of artists like Morbid Angel and Vader, with faster and repulsive rhythms interspersed into roiling, atmospheric grooves and a raw but precise sense of atmosphere that generates an infernal level of energy and enthusiasm that be blunt...infectious.

    Nothing out of left field, and nothing extraordinary if you've been around this music the past 20+ years, but I'm reminded of other acts like Horrendous who have managed to take those inspirations and make them feel new again, or rather to make me feel like the mullet-sporting newspaper delivery dork who used to memorize every damn tremolo picked progression on every damn death metal cassette he could acquire at the ripe age of 15. Extra, extra, bleed all about it! Add to that the present day production capabilities and Disfigurement simply shattered my expectations, and maintained a consistent level of competence and quality for the 23 minutes and 5 songs this EP endures. Shrill, atmospheric leads writhe their way through a lattice of intense, churning, molten guitars that flirt with that classic overseas tone of the 90s, but settle for something robust and visceral without reaching that oversaturated level crunch. Drums are loud, proud and never sound particularly falsified or processed like a lot of drummers playing at this level in more technical outfits.

    The vocalist is also quite a 'catch', he's got those bellowing Benton/Tucker depth growls that shake and resonate but also a bit of Corpsegrinder gutturality (new word, I swear) and then some raspier passages to develop variation in the lines. Bass is pretty potent; although the lines don't distinguish themselves from the rhythm tracks, you're never unaware of its presence. But ultimately, where the band succeeds the most is in structuring these songs...always leaping full force into some intense new battery, regardless of what tempo they have settled upon...think Domination meets Litany meets Once Upon the Cross and then foster that tryst with a fair ratio of memorable riffing, sporadic fits of extraworldly leads/melodies and then of course the resonance that front man brings to the entire affair. I'm not promising that this is 100% memorable fare, or that the riffs escape derivation often enough to generate a sense of nuance and wonder, but Soul Rot is another reminder that the old school sweatshop of the past 5-10 years is not necessarily played out to its fullest, and that with a little talent and focus on song structure the best could be yet to come...


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BR005 2013 Boris Records

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Disfigurement "Soul Rot" CD

Noxious Sensation
Soul Rot
Entrance to Emptiness
Foul Light

all songs ©Disfigurement


released September 19, 2013

Adam Besserer - Lead Guitar
Nate Godbee - Vocals
Richard Olsen - Lead Guitar
Vaedis - Drums
Max Madara - Bass

Recording: Scott Prian
Mixing: Dan Klein (Arcane Audio)
Mastering: Jack Control (Enormous Door)
Cover art: Juanjo Castellano
Photography: Parsa Garrett



all rights reserved


BORIS RECORDS Atlanta, Georgia

Boris Records is an independent Heavy Metal record label in Atlanta Ga.

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Track Name: Noxious Sensation
Marching out across the plain,
A land that bears knows no name
Conquering all in my way.
Traversing space and time,
When parallels collide,
The crossroad of what has been, and what will be…

Suddenly I smell deceased,
Gripped with pain I cease,
My path has led me to this place.
I see myself lie deep,
This place below my feet,
Another self lie in defeat…

But oh, what providence,
Has brought me to this place,
My mortality I must face.

Fear, dread, take over me.
The smell of rotting flesh, sends pains through my soul…
Here, now, in front of me, The greatest feat of life, to face one’s own death.

This passing malaise, a stench as thick as haze,
This great miasmal pain, delivers unto me… Noxious Sensation
Track Name: Solitude
Solus breaches through the mind, and it breeds,
Once inside it fills all voids and saturates.
Thoughtless, guiltless and inscribed, but to breathe,
Alone inside the mind defies humanity…

Far and away, Senseless to stay ,
I live alone, Free and enthroned.

Only once I dreamed, to live a life and breathe,
A life not lived alone, A life not so cold…
Now I see the dream, An image so obscene,
Now I see and breathe, Solitary, free…

Falling further, drifting away;
An endless joyless, thought to sustain.

Now that I see, now that I breathe,
Now that I’m free, Solitary…
Track Name: Soul Rot
The scars of time, Form not a tortured soul,
But the purulence, of which the spirit holds…

Vessel of sin, holds within,
Filth of this world,
Putrefy, purity defied.
Full of waste, Sewn inside
Enemies, not forgotten,
Leave our soul to rot…

Your body bears Disfigurement,
Projections of your soul
Your mind cannot commit…

Spew the bile,
Onto those, the subjects of your hate
The poison that pervades
The blade that does defile
The fermenting hate, That boils inside
Expel at once, Lest your body seep and die…

A carcass,
A figment of a man
Decrepit and old,
Awaiting the final bell…

Rise… and feel the call of agony.
Fall… and fill a restless grave.
Feed, on countless lives, eternity
Regurgitate, the sickness that dwells within.
Track Name: Entrance to Emptiness
See the gate, It’s walls are calling
Hear the sound, Beckoning howl
Feel your hate, Calling, still calling
Set awaits you, at the gate…

Enter the realm of human emptiness
Welcome to all that ever ceased to be
Enter the realm of human nothingness
Welcome to nothingness eternally

I feel nothing
Vacant inside
I am nothingness
Devoid of life
Track Name: Foul Light
Sitting at the throne, ruthless, power.
The way must be shown, through the light,
Evil they will know.

Withered and dead, Shrouded in sight,
Bleached by the sun, Corrupted by the foul light.
Darkness, my friend, No truth does it hide
Evil to the blind, The wicked hide in plain sight.

Will of my Soul, transposed by my hand,
Constructing a new flame, Light is now at my Command

Seeping through flesh, Crowding the mind,
Radiating fear, darkness is now mine.

By the light of my soul,
Darkness now I hold…

A path for the frail ones, Kingdom full of lies.
Senseless for all man, to live for a prize…